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A Second Chance

Welcome to AF Eevees: Remix

The prophesies have said that the Guardian will save the island of Eevees... How wrong they were In an unknown time, the Guardian and his companions are the only one's left of the heroes who fought against the forces of Phantom and the Fault PC. Now, floating in a pocket dimension with no hope., Darkstripe suggests to go back in time and remove all of the factors that led to the Chaotic Event that destroyed the Eevee islands so that they can finally live a peacfully life... BUT! Even with that done, Darkstripe informs the Eeveelutions of what really happened in the future and warns them that changing whatever happens in the already set timeline will led to unexpected twists. Now join Darkstripe, Bow, Zappy and the Eeveelutions as they prepare themselves for the unknown twists and battles that has never happened before in the history of AF Eevees. Contains seriousness in the begining and then the funny and cute randomness that this comic 'once' had later on. Updates Random


AF Eevees: Remix launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of AF Eevees: Remix! Comics coming soon!
Darkstripe AF, February 22nd, 2016, 12:47 pm 0 comments

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